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Our iPad & iPhone data capture apps easily sync data with Marketo

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Integrate with Marketo

Akkroo will instantly add names, emails, contact details and other customer information directly to your Marketo marketing automation platform

Seamlessly add people you meet into Marketo

Whether you're collecting leads at a trade show or consumer data at a live event to grow your business, with Akkroo you can capture the specific customer details you need, and sync the data capture apps on your devices directly into Marketo.

Focus on following up

Because Akkroo syncs directly with Marketo, you don’t need to worry about manually transcribing data or waiting days for your leads to be returned by the exhibition organiser. Your sales team can be following up with leads before the event has even finished.

Works offline

Even if you have patchy wifi at the venue, Akkroo comes through. You don’t have to worry about keeping your devices online. Akkroo works online and offline. If you go offline, Akkroo just waits until a connection is restored before piping your data up to our servers, then into your Marketo account.

Beautifully branded

Working with Breitling, Mercedes-Benz, Ralph Lauren and Rolls Royce has taught us one thing: branding matters. You’ve spent thousands on your events, so don’t scrimp on your event tech and have your guys using budget apps. Akkroo is fully customisable, and looks great at exhibitions.

Rockstar support

This isn’t a faceless app from some obscure developer on the App Store. Akkroo’s Customer Success and Support teams have been around the block enough times to know how to help you have a great event. And we’ve become ninjas at solving problems over the phone - just give us a call if you get stuck.

We are proud to be Marketo Integrated & a Marketo Launchpoint Partner

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