Lead Capture at Events is Broken

We’re here to fix it

  • 1

    Lack of Effective Tools

    Most businesses don’t have the tools to engage, capture & take action with leads effectively at events.

  • 2

    Outdated Solutions

    They still rely on business cards, paper forms & disconnected, exhibition-owned lead retrieval systems.

  • 3

    Missed Opportunities

    The result? Delayed, generic follow ups, lost data, missed opportunities & a lack of event ROI.

Every other corporate marketing channel is measurable and accountable, so why not events?

Akkroo is a complete solution

A powerful, universal and integrated lead capture solution that connects marketing, sales & CRM teams.

Bridge the gap between meeting a lead on the show floor and the start of your marketing and sales process.

One integrated, universal solution for all your business events.

If exhibitions or trade shows play an important role in your business, let’s start a conversation and find out how you can benefit in the same way similar organisations do, all over the world.

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